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Coal & Coke
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Sundy  Coal & Coke

With more than 23 years development, now Sundy is able to provide full series of coal analysis instrument as well as coal sample preparation equipments. With our analyzer or equipments, you can make sure that the results are accurate, recognized globally and compliant with international standards.

Sundy coal and coke instruments or equipments include:

Calorimeter analyzer for the calorific value in coal or coke samples
Elemental analyzer for sulfur, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, fluorine or chlorine in coal or coke samples
Proximate analyzer for the moisture, ash, volatile matter and fixed carbon in coal or coke samples 
Ash fusion tester for the ash fusibility of coal or coke ash.
Hardgrove Grindability Index (HGI) for coal’s resistance to crushing.
Sample preparation equipments for crushing, dividing, pulverizing etc on coal samples