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SDAST Automatic sample transportation system

It is applicable for transporting 0.2mm analysis sample, 3mm back up sample and 6mm(or 13mm) total moisture sample among the sites like sample preparation room, analysis lab, automatic sa
Working principle
Samples with bag or bottle are transported to appointed place in sealed tube automatically......
Product description

According to the condition at site, sample can be transported without human intervention by vertical lifting and horizontal moving or pneumatic transmission method. It is worth mentioning that pneumatic transmission method has been widely used in the fields of hospital and high speed road. It can be used to transport coal sample intelligently after technology improvement.


1. High automation without manual operation.
2. Easy operation
①Adopt imported PLC control system, procedural operation
②The same cabinet can be used for sending site and receiving site. The operator can only press related button to finish the process of sample sending and receiving. The operation status of sample can be monitored clearly by the indication light.
3. Stable performance.
4. With power cut memory function.


Delivery pressure


Sample bag(bottle) moving speed


Delivery height




Delivery distance


Sample bag(bottle) falling speed


Minimum turning radius


System blast capacity


Working principle
Samples with bag or bottle are transported to appointed place in sealed tube automatically, fast and accurately.
System composition and function
System composition
receiving and sending cabinet, power cabinet, pneumatic control system, air drying and filtering device, photoelectricity device, transportation pipeline and equipment, electronic control circuit, piston jacket. 
1.Receiving and sending cabinet: Equip manipulator to send and receive sample bottle safely and easily. 
2.Power cabinet: It is composed of various relay and other electrical components to control sending and receiving process of the 
3.Pneumatic control system: It is composed of pipeline and various control valve to control airflow.
4.Air drying and filtering device: Dry and filter the air and make sure pneumatic components and parts work reliable. 
5.Photoelectricity device: Installed at key position of the system, detect the position and operation status of piston jacket. 
6.Transportation pipeline and equipment: Include main pipeline, commutator, connecting flange and connection tube, ensure 
    that piston jacket go through without hindrance in the pipe.
7.Electronic control circuit: Include controlling cable and adapter junction box, link control cabinet, sensing components and 
    controlling componen.
8.Piston jacket: load sample bottle. 
1. High automation without manual operation.
2. Easy operation
    ①. Adopt imported PLC control system, procedural operation
    ②.Equipped with sample storage machine, batches operation is available. 
3. Stable performance.
4. With power cut memory function.
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